Starred Review from ALA Booklist

Empire of Sand has its first trade review, and it’s a starred review from Booklist!

The desert setting, complex characters, and epic mythology will captivate readers of Suri’s debut fantasy.

As a librarian, I’m obviously thrilled to have a positive response from the American Library Association. The Booklist reviewer, Lucy Lockley, also recommends EoS for ‘Teens hungry for Asian-inspired epic fantasy’ which is is wonderful.





Publishing Announcements

I’m just going to put these here.

The announcement from Publisher’s Weekly.

The acquisition announcement by Orbit.

The deal announcement from my agent, on her blog Scribbles & Wanderlust.

Knowing your debut is going to be out in the world is really amazing, but also somewhat scary. Having the actual announcements on your screen, in front of you, does make everything feel far more concrete. I hope you’ll forgive me gathering the announcements together in one place. It’s frankly more for my sake than yours.