Finding free images for book aesthetics (or, how not to piss off the copyright beast)

I read the tweet below from @AuthorCCallahn and thought, ah copyright law. My old nemesis.

Friendly reminder that all art/images belong to their owners. If you aren’t buying the rights, you probably can’t use it.

That means any aesthetics you make using pictures from google images/pinterest/etc. are stolen work and you can be sued for it. Don’t steal art.— Cit Callahan (@AuthorCCallahan) 29 January 2019

I kid. It’s not my nemesis. But as a librarian, I’ve come across questions of copyright more often than your average teacup. So I thought I’d share my knowledge, to keep us all on the safe side of the copyright beast.

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Publishing Announcements

I’m just going to put these here.

The announcement from Publisher’s Weekly.

The acquisition announcement by Orbit.

The deal announcement from my agent, on her blog Scribbles & Wanderlust.

Knowing your debut is going to be out in the world is really amazing, but also somewhat scary. Having the actual announcements on your screen, in front of you, does make everything feel far more concrete. I hope you’ll forgive me gathering the announcements together in one place. It’s frankly more for my sake than yours.