Hey, writers! Get academic research for free – without breaking the law

CC0. Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash. Research is hard when you don’t have opposable thumbs.

Hi pals. This is your auntie librarian, here.

A while ago I asked if any writers wanted guidance on finding free – and most importantly, legal – access to academic research online. About 190+ respondents said yes. So belatedly, here’s some advice on finding research without paying for it.

Finding free images for book aesthetics (or, how not to piss off the copyright beast)

I read the tweet below from @AuthorCCallahn and thought, ah copyright law. My old nemesis.

Friendly reminder that all art/images belong to their owners. If you aren’t buying the rights, you probably can’t use it.

That means any aesthetics you make using pictures from google images/pinterest/etc. are stolen work and you can be sued for it. Don’t steal art.— Cit Callahan (@AuthorCCallahan) 29 January 2019

I kid. It’s not my nemesis. But as a librarian, I’ve come across questions of copyright more often than your average teacup. So I thought I’d share my knowledge, to keep us all on the safe side of the copyright beast.