The Jasmine Throne – Pre-Order Gifts [ALL CARDS ARE NOW TAKEN]

If you have ordered a copy of The Jasmine Throne (out June 2021 from Orbit Books), you can fill in this form with proof of purchase and receive the following two art cards of Malini and Priya created by Kim Ekdahl (represented by the Bright Agency).

The pre-order form is here: Form

Terms & Conditions

Open worldwide. One gift per person. The pre-order gift is available to anyone who has pre-ordered The Jasmine Throne, and will be available for request only as long as stocks last. Art may be provided as a gift without bookplate.

If a country cannot be shipped to due to COVID-19/other restrictions, it will not be possible to supply the pre-order gift. Pre-orders are not valid for book boxes or other subscription services.

Data submitted through this form will be kept until this pre-order comes to an end on 1 June 2021, at which point it will be deleted. If you decide you no longer want your pre-order gift and want your data deleted before this time, send a request to

Thank you for supporting this book!